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WALKING WORDS took place from May to December 2019 with the aim of creating three video poems with three school groups, exploring the landscape of the Suffolk Coastal Path.

Three video poems were created - 


'I Opened My Eyes Widely' with a Year 4 class from Aldeburgh Primary 

(15 children aged 8-9)    


'Come Across' with a Year 8 class from Alde Valley Primary 

(24 pupils aged 12-13)    


'Sunnyside' with Year 4 children from from Reydon Primary School 

(29 children aged 8-9) 


The project was funded by the Amenity & Accessibility Fund, the Sustainable Development Fund and the Galloper Wind Farm Fund.



I would just like to say a very big THANK YOU for our wonderful workshop this week. All the children were so engaged and the language that they have developed over the two days was amazing.

(Mrs Giddings, Year 4 teacher, Aldeburgh Primary School)


A treat to see the Suffolk countryside through the eyes of children and to be reminded, by the young, to open our eyes widely.

(Feedback from audience member)


Collecting words and sounds was fun. I didn’t know you could make things like that into poems!

(Pupil, Aldeburgh Primary School)

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